About Us

Why We Exist

Major U Corporation, simply known as U, is an emerging dynamic company that aims to enrich people’s lives by providing programs and products that will help people improve their home, take care of their family and ultimately take care of U.

U offers a flexible business program that can allow you to:

  •   Break free from your desk job and be able to work at your own pace
  •   Increase your income while having more time with your family
  •   Provide a better future for your loved ones
  •   Be able to contribute more to your community
  •   Own a business without spending millions on capital and without having to hire employees
  •   Dictate how much you want earn and how you want to work for it

Our company is committed to helping you grow as a person, grow your business and ultimately, live the lifestyle that U want.

We want U to take control of your life.


Who we are

Quinto Oreta, Chairman

Melo Porciuncula, President

Warren Reyes and Margaret Reyes, General Managers

Major U is a relational marketing company, an affiliate of Major Homes, real estate development company. Major Homes is a full-serviced real estate development company with interests and initiatives in selling affordable houses, middle income condotels (condominium – hotel) and high-rise condormitels (condominium – dormitory – hotel).


Our Vision

We see our members live a life of comfort, security and freedom. Our vision is all about U.