Ladies! A revolutionary santitary napkin is available to you right now!


Comfy Care Sanitary Napkin, Day Pad!

Icky, slimy, dirty, smelly, wet and humid down there during your period? Worry no more! With Comfy Care, your period days will now be a breeze.

While we certainly cannot put a stop to your monthly visitor, we surely can make you feel fresh, clean, and pretty comfortable during that special time of the month.

Below are the reasons why you should use Comfy Care:

  1. Stay worry-free from leaks. The water-lock technology is designed for super quick absorption, protection against front, back and side leaks even during extra heavy flows.
  2. Stay healthy. Anion and Herbal Functional Chip inhibit viruses and bacteria that cause Colpitis keeping you healthy during your period.
  3. Stay fresh and comfortable. Soft Cottony Cover, Breathable Bottom and Bamboo Charcoal help remove moisture, release heat and odor making you feel fresh and comfortable.
  4. Wide and strong adhesive. Help secure the pad in place for superior leakage protection.

Benefits of Anion:

  • Lowers our stress levels
  • Boosts our energy levels
  • Acts as a natural anti-depressant
  • Strengthens our immune system
  • Helps us sleep better
  • Reinforces collagen production
  • Improves our blood circulation
  • Increases mental energy

Benefits of Anion in sanitary napkins:

  • Balance PH and hormone levels
  • Protect against germs in the air
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Fights against vaginal irritations and infections
  • Eliminate unwanted odor

Ladies, what are you waiting for? Stay fresh comfortable, healthy and protected all day long even during that special time of the month with Comfy Care Sanitary Napkin.